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Sails And Guns. Denmark - Fighting At Sea In The Age Of Sail - Svend Engell-Nielsen - Bog

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Her er endelig Danmarks søkrigshistorie i koncentreret form. Hvornår var det nu, at Christian d. 4. mistede øjet eller Nelson vandt Slaget på Rheden? Det får man at vide sammen med en beskrivelse af alle de vigtigste søslag gennem 400 år.Bogen indledes med en nyttig gennemgang af de forskellige typer af sejlskibe, deres indretning, deres muligheder og begrænsninger og meget mere.Men hovedparten af bogen er viet til en gennemgang af Danmarks søslag med svenskerne og englænderne. Jeg tror, at alle slag og træfninger er med, med angivelse af tab i skibe og mandskab, og jeg er nærmest chokeret over tabenes størrelse, landets størrelse taget i betragtning.Det hele er anskueliggjort med et væld af fine illustrationer, mange malet af tidens mest fremragende kunstnere.En god bog til alle, der er interesserede i Danmarks søkrigshistorie.

... diet not only caused malnutrition, but. ... Top 10 Naval Wargames of the Age of Sail and Shot | BoardGameGeek ... .. The beamier round sailing ship used for commerce also became the warship when the need arose. Gun-armed warships. The employment of guns afloat, bringing a slow but progressive revolution in The first guns used at sea, undoubtedly hand weapons, were probably in Mediterranean galleys in... In the Age of Sail, proper positioning is of the utmost importance. HISTORICAL CAMPAIGNS Fight in the campaignы and participate in 80+ battles from small engagements to massive battles over land and sea. Fighting Sail deserved to be a boxed g ... War at Sea in the Age of Sail by Andrew D. Lambert ... . Fighting Sail deserved to be a boxed game, with plenty of scenarios and ship counters, instead of a Simpler and faster if you like to command ships instead of loading guns. Played it almost every day Excellent ship combat rules set in the Age of Sail. Really elegant sail model, with combat almost an... Sail handling is done as it was durring the revolution. Her regular crew was 5 or 6, including the captain, and that was sufficient for sailing 24/7. The Age of Sail is considered to run from around 1571 to around 1862. Today in "Sea Shanties I Have On Repeat", what dark magic did this man have to perform to get this voice?? This is the voice of Poseidon himself. The custom has its origins in the time of the age of discovery of the Portuguese, who, crossing the dreaded equator, wanted to confirm their courage and... In the modern age, discipline has become conflated with punishment, but in The 18th-century Royal Navy was the most effective fighting force in the world; it won all the great battles at War at Sea in the Age of Sail by A D Lambert (Cassell, 2000). Shipboard Life and Organisation, 1731-1815 edited... US Sailing Team Takes on Olympic Qualifier at World Championships in Aarhus, Denmark. Safety at Sea Courses are for everyone: Cruisers; Power boaters & Sailboat Racers. Special Equipment Regulations (SERs) help determines what level of Safety at Sea training is required for different races. Above each sail is a flag that billows in the wind, showing you which direction the wind is blowing, and the point of angling your sails is to catch as Constantly adjusting your ship's speed to make sure you don't hit anything or tack too far off course is key to staying alive in Sea of Thieves, especially in a fight. Designing and building sails to fulfil and exceed the requirements of a vessel of this calibre is an art form, one of which Richard Bouzaid and the Doyle Sails design team is proud to have mastered. Over the course of the last two years, the intricate process unfolds where all sails are model...